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Working to create the unmatched client experience!

A Team with Values

       At J&L, we understand that it's great people that make a great team!  Our team of experts are well versed in what it takes to deliver the very best in customer service.  As a family owned and operated business, we develop great relationships with those we employ, and are constantly improving the company culture and atmosphere that makes us a great company to work with.  Honesty and integrity are the standards we live and work by.  We hope you find our staff to be friendly and professional as we deliver the unmatched client experience!

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Luke Dickerson
President and CEO


​      Luke started J&L back in 2002 with his homeschool friend, Jonathan Hartzell (hence "J&L") to earn some extra money and help pay for college.  While Jonathan did go on to college at the University of Dayton in 2006, Luke instead discovered that he loved working as a landscaper and had developed great relationships with the clients he and Jonathan had been working for.  Luke took full ownership the business in 2005, and Jonathan went on to become a civil engineer. Luke has always loved working outside, using his interests in artwork to make his clients properties look beautiful, and dreaming of building an enterprise founded on solid Biblical principles.  He has grown J&L from it's humble beginnings almost two decade ago into the full-service landscaping company it is today, and we're still growing!  He is passionate about excellence and strives to communicate that in every aspect of his life, including his company.

      When not taking calls, working on a landscape project, or improving the company in some way, Luke enjoys spending time with his wife Joan, and their seven children Nathan, Christine, Michael, David, Katie, Andrew, and Becky. 

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Matthew Dickerson
General Manager

      Matthew is Luke's brother and has over 10 years of experience working for J&L. Has a passion for detail and doing a job right, and excels at customer care and crew management.  His years of experience with plants, processes and software has helped him gain valuable experience in the green industry, and as as our general manager, he spends his time keeping our processes, crews and jobs on track.   

      When he's not dispatching a job, working alongside crews, meeting with clients or training our staff, Matthew spends time working on his own music business he has on the side, since he is an 2012 Hammered Dulcimer National Champion.  He loves music and plays the hammered dulcimer at music festivals, weddings, and other events, along with teaching classes and church events.  He is married to his wife Kelsey and together they have four children, Benjamin, Levi, Jacob, and Sarah.


Joy Coffman
Office Manager

   Joy has been part of the J&L team since 2019, and manages the constant flow of information that passes through our office on a daily basis, from client contact, accounts payable, accounts receivables, payroll, first impressions, and general administration.  She is organized, has a bright personality, and enjoys working with both our staff and our clients to keep the operation moving in a smooth direction.
  When not at work, Joy enjoys crafts, camping, gardening, and spending time with her husband Jason and her three daughters Julianna, Jacy and Jersey.

Joy Coffman
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