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Why did my price increase?

How we price lawn mowing

Original pricing for a lawn is based on square footage and possible difficulty factors such as slopes, small gated backyards, pools, or the like, adding a rate increase to the base fee per square foot. 

In cases of changes in the economy or inflation, we raise all our prices by a percentage to match those changes. 

On a per client basis we reassess our average efficiency for on site time and resources every year. This average allows us to set minimum goals as a company for each service we offer. If a client has a service fall short of this minimum we adjust the price accordingly. We also asses if there is any way we can improve our efficiency for that particular job without compromising  the quality of work provided.

Can I lower my service rate?

Here are a few situations that may apply to your property to cause the mowing rate to be higher. If you request us to stop any of the following (if applicable) we can reassess your mowing price and forward a new proposal to you. Be aware, that making these request could result in a lower quality cut.

  • Double mowing the lawn in the same visit: This helps break up the clumps of grass and cut anything that was missed in the first pass during the aggressive growing season. This is a large reason why a lawn would take longer on average.

  • Push mowing: Whether certain areas need push mowed or the entire lawn, this greatly increases the amount of time to mow a property. But the results look amazing! There are places where our only option is to push mow (access issues, or slopes).

  • Small Gates: Installing a wider gate will allow a larger mower to fit through. The concern may be that a larger mower could damage the lawn. However, the footprint of a larger mower tire distributes fewer pounds per square in of turf and increases the traction resulting in less torn turf and rutting. So long as the crew changes up the pattern from week to the next rutting should not be an issue. Please contact us if you see rutting in your lawn and we will make sure the crew is aware.

  • Soggy Lawn: Wet areas of a lawn require a push mower or a string trimmer to cut them back during the wetter times of the year. Installing yard drainage or replacing an area of your lawn with stone or mulch can prevent the need to mow these areas

  • Lots of drive time: There are a few situations where some clients have the only lawn we mow in a neighborhood. If you help us acquire more lawns in your area by spreading the word it will result in a greater efficiency rate for your zip code.


While these situation may or may not apply to your property we can certainly take a closer look. However, we cannot guarantee the amount of change to the price prior to consulting with the tech who services your property.

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