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Terms and Conditions

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Things to know before accepting a proposal

Acceptance of all proposals provided by J&L Lawn & Landscape is also the acceptance and agreement of our terms and conditions as listed below. Please review the terms and conditions relating to the proposal you've received.

Lawn Mowing

1. Service Period: Unless otherwise specified in writing, mowing services will be provided on a weekly basis commencing in the Spring and continuing until Fall, or until the grass growth rate diminishes to a point where mowing is unnecessary or minimal. It is the intent of the Contractor to maintain the Client’s lawn in a neat and attractive condition. The Contractor reserves the right to determine the necessity of mowing services and to skip a week if rainfall or irrigation is deemed sufficient to support healthy growth. 2. Scheduling: The Contractor endeavors to perform mowing on the same day each week, but this is not guaranteed. J&L Lawn & Landscape retains the right to alter the scheduled day of service based on factors such as new client acquisitions, labor availability, and weather conditions. While most clients prefer later in the week, preferred scheduling is not assured. Clients located along the route on a specific day will typically receive service on the same day each week unless scheduling necessitates otherwise. 3. Schedule Variations: Due to various factors, there may be deviations from the standard seven-day mowing interval. J&L Lawn & Landscape reserves the right to adjust schedules accordingly. Client-requested changes may result in additional charges, with exceptions for extenuating circumstances such as special events or home renovations. 4. Drought Conditions: Clients agree to Contractor discretion regarding lawn skipping during drought periods. If a client requests unscheduled service after the crew has departed, resulting in additional travel, extra charges may apply. 5. Contractor Discretion: Clients acknowledge Contractor authority to determine mowing necessity, considering factors like weather, lawn health, and scheduling. Additional charges may be incurred if a client insists on skipping a week and subsequent maintenance requires extra time or labor. 6. Bi-weekly Services: J&L Lawn & Landscape does not typically offer or perform bi-weekly mowing due to scheduling constraints. Clients recognize that regular service intervals support technicians' livelihoods and service quality. 7. Weather Considerations: Severe or prolonged rainfall may render mowing unsafe or ineffective. In such cases, service may be postponed without additional charges. 8. Service Inclusions: Mowing services include string trimming, edging, trash removal, and blowing of clippings from pavement and other surfaces. Complimentary weed spray will be applied to control weeds in pavement cracks unless otherwise requested. 9. Additional Services: Bagging and disposal of clippings and hand mowing are available upon request for an additional fee. Clients must explicitly request hand mowing for areas inaccessible to larger mowers, with associated charges disclosed and agreed upon. 10. Payment Terms: Clients agree to settle invoices by the due date. Failure to pay promptly may result in service suspension until the account is current. Late payments may incur additional charges, and services necessitated by lapsed maintenance may also be subject to extra fees.

Landscape Installation, Plant Installation, Excavation, Drainage Work, Stump Removal

1. Warranty Period: Trees, shrubs, and perennials are warranted for one year from the installation date, subject to the following conditions: Plants are deemed suitable for the site's soil, climate, and weather conditions by J&L Lawn & Landscape at installation. Plants and planting materials are supplied by J&L Lawn & Landscape. Client ensures adequate watering, especially during extreme heat or drought. Plants are cared for according to horticultural standards, with any damage caused by the Contractor addressed during the warranty period. 2. Plant Seasonality: Planting outside ideal times may void the warranty or incur additional charges. 3. Annuals: Annual plants are not covered by warranties. 4. Plant Availability: Alternative plants or planting times may be suggested if specified plants are unavailable, with additional charges for sourcing from outside vendors discussed with the client beforehand. 5. Plant Diseases: Client must promptly report plant illnesses for appropriate action. Use of herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides to restore health may void warranties. 6. Sodded Lawns/Repairs: Sod is guaranteed healthy at installation, but post-installation survival is not guaranteed. Damage and repairs post-installation are the client's responsibility. 7. Seeding: Turf seed used is Turf Type Tall Fescue unless otherwise specified. Seed germination and growth are not guaranteed, but re-seeding may be considered at the Contractor's discretion. 8. Weeds: Weed control responsibilities are specified. Post-project weed management is the client's responsibility. 9. Exclusions: Electrical work, irrigation damage, utility conduits, OUPS responsibilities, site unknowns, and weather-related delays are excluded unless otherwise stated in writing. Failure to comply with these guidelines voids warranties.


1. Service Performance: J&L Lawn and Landscape will perform the specified services at agreed intervals upon contract approval/signing. 2. Contract Termination: If either party terminates the contract, services performed before termination will be prorated and subject to a 10% cancellation fee. 3. Liability: Contractor's insurance covers any property or bodily damage resulting from our services. Damage or injury unrelated to our services is the customer's liability. 4. Invoicing and Payment: Invoices will be mailed before the service month begins, with payment due on the 1st. A 2% delinquency charge will be applied after five days past due, accruing monthly. Contract termination may occur if payment is not received for three consecutive months. 5. Satisfaction Guarantee: Customers should notify the contractor of any service dissatisfaction, allowing attempts to rectify the issue. Unfavorable outcomes due to uncontrollable factors are acknowledged, and the contractor aims to deliver the highest service quality possible. 6. Service Frequency: Services will be performed as scheduled and as necessary, with a maximum of three leaf removals and eight snow removals included. Additional snow removals beyond eight will incur separate charges. 7. Service Limitations: Only services included in the chosen package are provided; no additional services are covered

Snow and Ice Management 

1. Service Standards: J&L Lawn & Landscape will execute all Snow and Ice Control services professionally and in adherence with industry best practices. Delays may occur due to various factors such as weather conditions and client priority levels. 2. Scope of Work: The quoted price includes servicing walks and entrances, excluding unused walkways or city-maintained sidewalks. 3. Pricing and Billing: Snow removal is priced based on accumulation rates stated in the proposal. Accumulations exceeding 8” will be billed at a prorated rate determined by average snow depth and type. Pre-salting and post-plowing ice control services are included, with discretion used to ensure safety. 4. Service Suspension: Extreme weather conditions below zero degrees Fahrenheit may warrant service suspension for employee safety. No liability is held for unperformed services during such conditions. 5. Holiday Surcharge: Services performed on certain holidays will incur a 50% surcharge. 6. Client Responsibilities: Clients are responsible for marking property boundaries and notifying of any obstructions. Negligence may result in preventable damage, for which J&L Lawn & Landscape is not liable. 7. Damage Reporting: Any damage resulting from our services must be reported within 48 hours. Failure to report waives liability. 8. Indemnification: Clients indemnify J&L Lawn & Landscape against any claims arising from negligence or breach of contract. 9. Contract Termination: Either party may terminate the contract with written notice. Outstanding payments remain due upon termination. 10. Sales Tax: Applicable sales tax is charged unless the client is tax-exempt or specified otherwise.

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